Certified Parent Coach Practitioner Training Program

At OCDT we will train and certify you as a Certified Parent Coach Practitioner to allow you to open your own business to help Parents to thrive and prosper. Our training will deliver the toolkit and strategies for you to:

  • Restore broken relationships between children and parents; between and among siblings and between members of the extended family.
  • Help their children and youth to develop self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Help their children and youth manage emotions.
  • Help their children and youth to manage conflicts within the family.
  • Help their children and youth to learn and use strategies for handling deviant behavioural issues.
  • Coaching parents for living a life of abundance.
  • Coaching parents for raising conscious children who will live successful lives.
  • Coaching parents in recognizing and helping children to discover and grow the innate skills, passions and talents they were born with.
  • Coaching parents into discovering and dealing with the potential and real impacts of external communities of persons (school, churches, residential communities, peer groups, extended families sports and cultural clubs) on the socialization of children.
  • Coaching parents through family struggles and crisis with children and teenagers.

OCDT interested persons can study to become a Certified Parent Coach Practitioner in a 16-hour program.

Course Objective

Solving inter-generational relationship challenges is our objective. Some of the critical questions facing the community, youth, parents, schools and other caregivers are:

  • What do we do to enable our children and young people to liberate the true self?
  • What is the role and impact of family and cultural values in the nurturing process?
  • How do we raise resilient children and youth?
  • How do we reduce inter-generational conflicts within the household so that our young people can thrive and prosper and parents and grandparents are able to balance the transfer of traditional social and moral values in a safe and operative and non-confrontational manner to their of-springs?
  • How do we restore family values, relationships and respect for all members of the household?
  • How do we give our children and youth a voice in determining the pathways of a successful life befitting of their passion purposes?
  • What is the impact of multicultural environments on the social development of the youth?
  • How to find common grounds and truths from our cultural diversity, to promote a socialization process for the shared common purpose of humanity, and one that will describe a common understanding of the culture of peace, harmony and compassion, that will sustain humanity well beyond the 21st century?