About Ontario College

Ontario College of Development Training VisionOntario College of Development Training is a leading personal development, business advisory, training and development services provider for individuals and small to medium-size enterprises; providing quality products and services adhering to international standards that add value to developing and established communities.

Ontario College of Development Training Mission

The mission of Ontario College of Development Training is to create a competitive, customer-focused, employee-driven organization by, providing quality products and services in a safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive manner, whilst recognizing our obligations to our clients.

To realize this goal, the OCDT will continuously strive to maintain a position as a premier training and development services provider. Our services will be executed through facilitators who are constantly evolving to achieve their highest potential and are empowering others to do the same. This will not only result in increased productivity but also in the enhancement of personal effectiveness and enterprise efficiency.

Ontario College was founded by Dr Marlyn Morris who is committed to providing USA accredited education, targeting accomplished individuals in emerging countries. Dr Marlyn Morris is a Strategic Policy and Development Planning Consultant, Legislative Reviewer and Drafter, Educator, Trainer and Life Coach. An awardee of  Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to watch in 2016 and was identified as a pioneer and catalyst.

Core Values


We promote excellence in performance through high-quality professional services!

  • Accountability – for our actions that influence the lives of our clients and fellow team players.
  • Collaboration – within and outside the company to provide the best solution to meet your needs.
  • Commitment – to service excellence that will impact the lives of our clients.
  • Community – to demonstrate a sense of responsibility and contribution to society, that defines our existence.
  • Consistency – in the quality of services offered.
  • Diversity – in respect for cultural diversity.
  • Efficiency – and effectiveness in our approach to ensure the high quality of the services we offer, the sustainability of our business and the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Innovation and Research – in constantly undertaking process of review and research to positively impact the manner of doing business and the enhancement of productivity in our clients’ personal, professional and business operations.
  • Taking Ownership – of the company and customer success.
  • Quality Assurance – in giving the best and unmatched results for all-round satisfaction.
  • Respect to Self and Others – and maintain the environment of teamwork and growth.
  • Service Excellence – in giving the best and world-class service and achieving excellence each passing day.

Ontario College of Development Training Business Philosophy

We embrace the philosophy that our passion for encouraging positive impacts in the world can be realized by offering services to others through a conscious, heart-aligned business approach that will ignite positive transformational change in others which will promote peace, goodwill and successful living for all those whose lives are touched.

We believe our love of people and our passion to serve in order to live a purposeful life and to assist others in living theirs, will sustain us in whatever activities we chose to express this passion. Consequently, our business services are designed to reflect this philosophy and in the pursuit of these services, we will transform our lives and those we serve so that we can all live our best lives.

Core Values


Ontario College embraces an integrated and participatory approach in service delivery. Consequently, OCDT has put together a core team of professionals who possess the requisite expertise in the relevant areas and jurisdictions necessary to successfully accomplish the mandate of OCDT. The diverse qualifications of our team members allow for the adoption of a holistic and integrated approach to each assignment thereby ensuring balanced and optimal outcomes.

Core Values

Strategic Partners for Applied Professional Learning Diploma and Certificate Programs

OCDT, has established a consortium of Applied Professional Learning Partners to deliver applied professional diploma and certificate programs to the highest standards.

Our Value Proposition

Credentialing Administration
The Strategic Learning Alliance administers 3rd party credentials for learning-based certification programs using a blend of subject matter expert guidelines for business performance (Board of Advisors standards) as well as academic merits to warrant conferral of AASCB (top 15% schools of business) credits for learning-based certifications (SLA Credentialing Committee standards). These standards are researched, tested, and measured in partnership with the Peak-Learning Institute of Applied Learning Certification.

Professionalism: Effectively Applied Knowledge (PEAK™) Theory
The requirements for certification are based on an immersion-examination model using Professionalism: Effectively Applied Knowledge (PEAK™) Theory as established by the Professionalism: Effectively Applied Knowledge (PEAK™) Institute in accordance with AASCB academic accreditation performance and SLA Board of Advisor regulations of performance.

Measurement of Success

  • Ability to learn and test at the top 20% of the current professional level in a given field;
  • Ability to demonstrate applied learning through observed measurement to warrant a top 20% of AASCB academic performance;
  • Complete competencies with scores high-enough to demonstrate predictive ability to advance both professionally and academically within a specific career track.

Performance Requirements
Unlike other certifications that rely only on subject matter content and examination to ensure recipients demonstrate tested knowledge to be considered a top 20% performer, the SLA also requires a learning experience and performance based on the highest academic accreditation standards (courses must meet AASCB standards to be approved as an SLA program). This means that SLA candidates must meet tested, observed, and applied metrics to successfully earn certification through a learning program and simulated exam experience. The result is that candidates certified by the SLA have a 94% likelihood of professional success within a field (moving from non-exempt to exempt roles) and perform within the top 20% of a graduate-level course.

Core Values


Dear Partner,

OCDT invites sponsorship for workshop events from multi-national agencies, business enterprises and other private-sector agencies and enterprises wishing to give visibility and to promote themselves. OCDT provides an opportunity for you to link your organization to our events and website that will attract viewership nationally, regionally and internationally.

Sponsorship can be made through the following options:

  • Workshop/Seminar Event Sponsorship
  • Conference and Retreat Event Sponsorship
  • Exhibition Sponsorship


Workshop Event Sponsors: – receive maximum recognition and profile throughout the workshop development and marketing process. It’s a great way to show leadership and build relationships. Sponsorship also includes exclusivity recognition of your commitment to corporate social responsibility in committing to social transformation, nation-building and sustainable community development, through this type of partnership alliances. Sponsors will get a special mention in all event marketing, including web, e-mail, social media, direct, and on-site marketing, free admission of two representatives to our workshop event in which your company is a sponsor.

Website Sponsor: – Website sponsorship is for one year. We encourage sponsors to promote their organization as website sponsors, in which your company’ logo will appear on our website for a year giving your company greater visibility and a marketing tool with direct international reach. This will include a mention in all event marketing, including web, e-mail, social media, direct, and on-site marketing. As we develop and present new programs to explore select issues and explore specific challenges and opportunities for the betterment of humanity, your sponsorship support will indicate your commitment to corporate social responsibility. OCDT encourages you to display your brand logo and marketing materials on our site and invite your prospects to connect with you.

Exhibition Sponsorship: – will allow you to display your products at our events. This will include on-site marketing and on-site exhibit display and special recognition by the Workshop chair during opening remarks.

We value your support, contact us to become a Sponsor by contacting us here:

info@ontariocollegetraining.org or Tel: 1-647-869-9400

We thank you for your kind consideration!

Ontario College of Development Training Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an important success factor for OCDT. Benchmarking standards are set from international best practices. Coaching, Mentoring and Training services and materials produced by our trainers have met the standards practice tests, are monitored and evaluated periodically by select quality assurance staff, to ensure professionalism, standards accommodation and application in the training facilitation and implementation processes. All Coaches, Mentors and Trainers must first undergo an intense week of familiarization training, while event facilitators have to then go through a boot camp on the essentials of workshop design and delivery.

Core Values


Based on its value proposition the OCDT provides practising technical and professional individuals with the opportunity to undertake advanced learning by doing knowledge enhancement skills that validate their practice experiences.

OCDT offers the Applied Professional Diploma Designation to persons trained through the OCDT system.

The Applied-Professional Diploma (AP.Dip)

This is an Internationally Focused Solution-based Diploma in which the focus is on applying theoretical knowledge in a practical manner, giving significance to practical solutions that work in the enhancement of professional competencies.

The Requirements to earn the Applied Professional Diploma, (AP. Dip) are:

  • Minimum of Five Certificates of Competency within a modular approach to training that results in a single certification on completion of all modules of the training program, at the end of a designated time-frame, being between 3 months to 12 months. Note that on completion of each module the participant will be issued a Certificate of Competency.
  • Execution, documentation and presentation (oral or written) of evidence-based results of an applied project focused on the primary area of learning or postgraduate practical application of learning to a solution-based cases-study of the learner’s choice. This case study will be reviewed and approved by the training facilitator of the course of study and submitted to the SLA for final approval.
  • Follow-up steps through the SLA are the submission of a portfolio/case study within 60 days after completion of the theoretical aspect of the training event.
  • Following the successful completion of the modular training program and the submission and approval of the practical portfolio /case-study project, the Applied Professional Diploma will be conferred on the successful participant.