Customized Courses, Workshops and Seminars

These training sessions are delivered our expert panel presenters, on-site through scheduled seminars and workshops directed to groups within businesses or agencies. The Topic Areas may be grouped and presented.

  • as part of a workshop series 
  • as part of a seminar series
  • a Conference Event

OCDT-01 – Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

OCDT-02 – Compassion and Spirituality in the Management of Business

OCDT-03 – Developing the Employer-Employee Alliance for Business Success and Sustained Productivity

OCDT-04 – Ethics and Compassion in Business Today: The New Critical Success Factors In Business Profitability and Sustainability

OCDT-05 – Strategic Review, Planning and Management for Not-for-Profit Enterprises

OCDT-06 – Governance and Policy for Not-for-Profits

OCDT-07 – Strategic Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Not For Profit Agencies

OCDT-08 – Fund Raising and Sponsorship for Non-profit Agencies

OCDT-09 – Strategic Review, Planning and Management for Public Sector Agencies

OCDT-01 – Strategic Review, Planning and Management for Private Sector Agencies

OCDT-11 – Valuing Diversity, Understanding Demographics And Changing Consumption Patterns-

OCDT-12 – Valuing Diversity And Understanding Demographics In The Production Of Goods And Services

OCDT-13 – Emotional And Spiritual Intelligence In Business Decision Making

OCDT-14 – Ascending The Ladder Of Success: Mindscape And Strategy

OCDT-15 – Building And Branding Your Corporate Culture For Success

OCDT-16 – Strategic Usage Of Changing Communication Patterns And Media In Sales And Marketing

OCDT-17 – Communicating To Sell

OCDT-18 – Managing Executive Power For Growth And Profitability

OCDT-19 – Leadership On The Cutting Edge-

OCDT-20 – Mentoring For Business And Professional Leadership

OCDT-21 – Valuing Youth Talent And Innovation In Business Development And Sustainability

OCDT-22 – Understanding The Social Aspect Of Business Success

OCDT-23 – Harnessing Public Policies For Business Expansion –

OCDT-24 – Computer Proficiency Course for Seniors (Information Technology)

OCDT-25 – Introduction to Computing (Information Technology)

OCDT-26 – Management Information System (Information Technology)

OCDT-27– English as a Second Language-(ESL)