Apply to be a sponsor

Dear Partner,

OCDT invites sponsorship for workshop events from multi-national agencies, business enterprises and other private-sector agencies and enterprises wishing to give visibility and to promote themselves. OCDT provides an opportunity for you to link your organization to our events and website that will attract viewership nationally, regionally and internationally.

Sponsorship can be made through the following options:

  • Workshop/Seminar Event Sponsorship
  • Conference and Retreat Event Sponsorship
  • Exhibition Sponsorship


Workshop Event Sponsors: – receive maximum recognition and profile throughout the workshop development and marketing process. It’s a great way to show leadership and build relationships. Sponsorship also includes exclusivity recognition of your commitment to corporate social responsibility in committing to social transformation, nation-building and sustainable community development, through this type of partnership alliances. Sponsors will get a special mention in all event marketing, including web, e-mail, social media, direct, and on-site marketing, free admission of two representatives to our workshop event in which your company is a sponsor.

Website Sponsor: – Website sponsorship is for one year. We encourage sponsors to promote their organization as website sponsors, in which your company’ logo will appear on our website for a year giving your company greater visibility and a marketing tool with direct international reach. This will include a mention in all event marketing, including web, e-mail, social media, direct, and on-site marketing. As we develop and present new programs to explore select issues and explore specific challenges and opportunities for the betterment of humanity, your sponsorship support will indicate your commitment to corporate social responsibility. OCDT encourages you to display your brand logo and marketing materials on our site and invite your prospects to connect with you.

Exhibition Sponsorship: – will allow you to display your products at our events. This will include on-site marketing and on-site exhibit display and special recognition by the Workshop chair during opening remarks.

We value your support, contact us to become a Sponsor by contacting us here: or Tel: 1-647-869-9400

We thank you for your kind consideration!