Professional Development Training
Training Scheduling

Courses are delivered through modular techniques. The number of training modules and the duration of the course will be dependent on the content. Certificate programs are designed to cover a two to three months contact period, depending on course content.

Duration of Contact Time

For a three-month course delivery, the time frame should cover contact periods of while the two-month training courses should be covered in two contact periods of four weeks duration each.

Extra-Regional Reach

Some courses are designed for markets in Developing Countries.

Knowledge Transfer, Methodology & Services Delivery
1. Onsite Services Delivery

OCDT will deliver On-site training based on the following methods:

  • Provide Customized Packaged Programs following SWOT/Situational Assessments/Gap Analysis /Needs Assessment.
  • Create, customize and deliver the training.
  • Create, customize and train the Trainers of the organization.
  • Create, Customize and hand over the material to the organization.
  • Pre-design training Workshops and Seminars.
  • Pre-design training Webinars.
  • Scheduled online and or onsite application of pre-designed programs.
2. OCDT Onsite Technical Training Services
  • ​Understanding Planning Law and Ethics
  • Planning, Environmental and Community Sustainable Development Training
  • Land-use Planning and Sustainable Development Training
  • Strategic Review and Planning
  • Housing Development Strategy
  • Housing Policy and Planning
  • Community development Planning
  • Community -based Participation in Community Development Planning and Implementation
  • Strategic Review and Planning for Not-For-Profit Enterprises
  • Community Development Governance and Management
  • Integrated Community Development Planning
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Planning.
3. OCDT On-site Knowledge Transfer Tools:-
Scenarios/Simulation/Case Studies
  • Games and role-playing; Brain-storming
  • Pre-designed training curriculum exercises
  • Questionnaires
  • Multimedia presentation-videos
4. OCDT Methodology, Intervention and Tools for Business Consulting, Advisory Coaching and Mentoring
  • OCDT uses the scientific approach to the provision of its coaching and mentoring services. This entails the following processes of our client’s self-discovery, hypothesis formulation, experimentation evaluation and adjustment. The purpose of this approach is to assist our clients, i.e. business owners, executives, youth, parents and women entrepreneurs, to experience positive transformation changes, based on their own manifested inner creative powers that will rebound to the enhancement and improvement in their business effectiveness, productivity and profitability or their professional and/ or social empowerment and performance excellence.
5. Soft Skills and Leadership Development Coaching and Training (modular) to Target groups-micro and small business owners)
  • Business Consulting and Advisory, Entrepreneurship Development and Coaching to target groups- micro and small business owners.
  • Executive Coaching (Target groups-women entrepreneurs in the micro and small business sector).