Family Re-connection & Restoration Strategies

We need to re-think and deliberately re-shape the socialization/nurturing processes for the new generations through love, peace, harmony and respect for humanity and the environment that sustain life. These new processes of socialization must be able to remove the double standards that lock gender roles in specific boxes based on stereotypical roles accepted as societal norms.

Some of these norms are the bases for vulnerability issues confronting youths and children. Violence, low achievement, lack of mental preparedness for success, the confrontation between genders, the suppression of the growth of innate passions, gifts and talents that could lead to an abundant, spiritually connected and fulfilled life.

Children are forced to wear masks that hide their true and authentic selves.

The critical questions facing community, parents, schools and other caregivers are:

  • What do we do to enable our children and youth to liberate their true selves?
  • What is the role and impact of family and cultural values in the nurturing process?
  • What is the impact of multicultural environments on the social development of the youth?
  • How to find common grounds and truths from the cultural diversity, to promote a socialization process for the shared common purpose of humanity, that will describe a common understanding of the culture of peace, harmony and compassion, that will sustain humanity well beyond the 21st century?


Youth-Adult Partnerships

We are committed to helping families find solutions to the inter-generational issues confronting them, given the increasing disconnection between parents and youth. Our youths face numerous challenges growing up in these times, including interactions with their peers, harmful media messages, temptations like drugs or gangs, or coming to terms with sexuality. It is not surprising that many are facing mental health problems. Inspiring Life Solutions (ILS) believes in family restoration and the re-establishment of family relationships and values.

We help you with:

  • Scheduled retreats
  • Special weekend and holidays community-based seminar events
  • one on one connection through home visits and webinars
  • self-directed study guides