The Certified Transformation Coach Practitioner (CTCP) Training Program

At OCDT we will train and certify you as a Certified Transformation Coach Practitioner to allow you to open your own business to help Parents, Youth, Seniors, Women and Individuals Ready for Retirement, to thrive and prosper.  Our training will deliver the toolkit and strategies for you to practice. 

Core Areas of Training

  1. Understanding the Difference Between Coaching, Teaching and Counseling
  2. Understanding and Branding Yourself
  3. Monetizing Your Passion Purpose
  4. Understanding Your Passion Purpose
  5. Recognizing, Owning and Nurturing the Mindset of Abundance
  6. Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  7. Influence and Persuasion
  8. Gaining and Nurturing Your Client’s Trust in You as a Coach
  9. The Mindful Coach
  10. Marketing Your Business
  11. Demonstrated Experiential Learning
  12. Practice Sessions
  13. Start-Up Business Tool Kit (Key Questions, Strategies and Practice Scenarios)
Course Duration

OCDT interested persons can study to become a Certified Transformation Coach Practitioner in a 16-hour program.

Course Objective

At OCDT, we feel that there is a critical need to re-think and deliberately re-shape the socialization/nurturing processes for the new generations of the 21st century and beyond that will love peace, harmony and respect for humanity and the environment that sustain life. These new processes of socialization must be able to remove the double standards that lock gender roles in specific boxes based on stereotypical roles accepted as societal norms.

Some of these norms contribute to vulnerability issues confronting youths and children. Violence, low achievement, lack of mental preparedness for success, the confrontation between genders, the suppression of the growth of innate passions, gifts and talents that could lead to an abundant, spiritually connected and fulfilled life seem to describe current nurturing and socialization processes. Children are forced to wear masks that hide their true and authentic selves.