The Make-up Artistry Training Program

This course is provided in association with OCDT Associate Partner, Glitz and Glam Inc.  This Associate partner assumes all responsibilities and obligations for the training program. OCDT will be responsible for the quality assurance standards of program delivery and certification. All courses in this training program can be taken separately and as a single course in of itself, for career enhancement training in which participants will be awarded a Certificate of Competency except courses that are highlighted and italicized. These italicized courses will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement in a specific area of training.

Where the participant is trained in all areas of this program, he/she will also undertake a specific research/case-study assignment and will be awarded the Applied Professional Diploma on successful completion of the entire suite of courses. This Applied Professional Diploma is accredited by the OCDT and its Strategic Alliance Partners following successful completion of the specific research/case-study assignment.

  • Industry and makeup fundamentals    
  • Cosmetics and Skin (extra material and products will be used)
  • Anatomy, Art and Makeup techniques   
  • Understanding Light and Colour                           
  • Photography, High Fashion, Period Makeup                           
  • Fantasy Makeup                                     
  • Film and TV Makeup                                                                    
  • Character and Special Effect Makeup 
  • Principles of Airbrushing            
  • Bridal Makeup, Hair and Fashion
  • Skincare & Makeup grooming for Men                                     
  • Small Business Management                                                      
  • Self Grooming Program                
  • Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

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