Success Training for College Students

Success Training For College Students

Preparing Graduates And Undergraduates for Success: Your future is really in your hands …make it the best one for you!!

Research statistics show the difficulty graduates face in finding desirable jobs after graduation. The evidence today suggests that traditional approaches to learning and the design of training to meet workplace labour needs for industrialization is not meeting the needs of creative individuals. Global developmental perspectives have changed since the industrial revolution. We have become a society that is moving more rapidly toward services and high technology industries where human resources skills, critical and creative thinking skills and competencies developed mainly through a liberal arts education are becoming more desirable. At OCDT, We bridge the gap and provide students, at the college and university levels, creative, innovative and critical thinking and reasoning skills training. This will provide them with the emotional intelligence that will give them the edge in to navigate, opportunities, gaining employment and making a success of their career.

We provide individual and group training in:

  • Understanding Self (Who am I?)
  • Recognising and Growing Passions and Talents
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Creative and Innovative Thinking Skills
  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills
  • Self-Branding Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Mental Preparedness for Success in Life, Career and Business
  • Job Search Strategies

Support Services
We provide individual and group mentoring support services through our associate agency, e-CAMPMENTORING.