Parent Empowerment Training
OCDT Coaching, Training Programmes and Seminars for Parents

Deliberate Parenting Strategies
We provide parenting seminars for all parents seeking answers as to how to better connect with their children to improve relationships, build a better understanding and to become more involved in their children’s education. The prime goal of the OCDT is to assist in encouraging the school-student-parents and community partnerships for students’ academic and life success.

OCDT recognizes that there is no comprehensive parenting manual available to which a parent can refer to self teach himself/herself how to parent effectively. We also recognize that there is no one size fit all strategy by which to raise a child as children are all unique. Consequently, we are committed to working with parents to ensure that the child realizes his full potential. We do this by encouraging parents to partner with us through participating in our training seminars. We not only teach effective parenting strategies to fit the learning style of the child, but we also teach parents how to partner with their children to ensure the child’ peak performance and success.

Parenting Training Programs

  • Raising Conscious and Spiritually Connected Children
  • Parenting in the Age of Social Media
  • Mindful Parenting: What is it?
  • Parent-Child Partnerships For Growing a Successful Child
  • Spiritual Parenting
  • Discover Who You Are as “mother” or “father”
  • Discovering and encouraging the development of your child’ gifts, talents and passions
  • Teaching your children money management
  • How to find the Inner Power to Heal Physical, Mental and Emotional Pain for Both You and Your Children
  • Calming the Mind: Meditating with your Child
  • Encouraging the Spiritual Growth of your Child
  • Finding Emotional Healing Through the Power of Music