Ameera Ameerullah serves as the Strategic Planner and Economic Development Advisor at the Ontario College for Development training in Canada.  In this role, she volunteers her time as she believes that every person deserves access to education regardless of their physical, mental or financial restrictions. She is an empowering leader who provides advisory and planning support to this Private Career Enhancement College, in favour of support of the equality in education for all.

As she puts it… “I believe in order to have change; we must become agents of change. My purpose is to be the voice for those that are vulnerable, empowering women to take on leadership roles, providing care to orphaned children from nurturing to education, building affordable housing, educating women and youths about financial literacy, eradicate elder abuse and human trafficking. I volunteer my time working with victims of sex trafficking, sexual and physical abuse, the homeless, the elderly, and individual’s living with addiction and mental illnesses”… “NO ONE IS JUST A NUMBER IN MY WORLD” says Ameerullah.


Ameera Ameerullah is an award-winning mortgage broker, business entrepreneur and human rights advocate. She has built several companies from the ground up, including the multiple award-winning brokerages, Canada Mortgage and Financial Group (CMFG). Ameera is also the CEO and Administrator of two private mortgage fund, founder of HCS Innovative Healthcare Services Inc. and The Homeless and Orphan Foundation of Canada. She is a leader with a “Never Give Up” attitude and a woman who does not settle for less than the best.

Ameera is also a Social Service Worker and volunteers her time and expertise with many organizations as a way of giving back to building sustainable communities. She has been honoured with multiple awards, to name a few: The Home Trust Award for Best Alternative Lending Broker of the Year, Equitable Bank Award for Alternative Broker Specialist ( New to Canada), CMP Women of Influence, REP Elite Women, The JunCtian Community Initiatives Award for Excellence in the Advancement of Women and Economic Development, The Waterfront Awards for Business and Entrepreneurship. In addition to being honoured with the Humanitarian Award at Vigor Unsung Heroes International Award, and Winner of the Toronto Star Readers Choice Awards in multiple categories.

Ameera specializes in business structure and management, risk analysis and management, alternative lending, real estate investments and managing investors capital. One of her key strength is her ability to structure mortgage transactions to move them to prime fulfilment and restructuring business for success.

On a personal front, while her career has been extraordinarily successful and demanding, she manages to maintain a sense of balance in her life through family relations and a commitment to building a better life for the underprivileged and vulnerable. From a young age, she developed this humble side and care for the elderly and orphaned children. Her purpose is to empower, nurture and create a peaceful lifestyle for others. Ameera is also committed to teaching young children and others especially women about financial literacy and empowering them to become contributing members of society.

Ameera volunteers her time to work with youths in the criminal justice system, survivors of sexual and physical abuse and individual’s living with addiction and mental illness. She is a proud supporter of many organizations. To name a few: Jean Tweed, Casey House in Toronto, Covenant House Toronto, One Parent, One Love, Sick Kids Hospital, A Celebration of Women, Children’s Aid Society, Red Cross, International Development and Relief Foundation, Islamic Relief Canada, Rohr Chabad of NDG, Hope of Africa, Feed it Forward, Human Concern International, Alzheimer’s Society of Peel and Centre of Mental Health and Addictions.

One of her primary focus these days is to help build sustainability in emerging communities and investing part of her profit earnings into new start-up companies or existing companies owned by Women that have a financial setback. Ameera believes with more Women leaders, the world will be a more nurturing place.  Her generosity stems from the life lessons she learned as a child from her father – she shares his compassionate nature and her life statement is ” One day you’ll be just a memory, do your best to be a good one”.  


To learn more about this extraordinary woman, visit or contact 1-647-494-9885 ext 107.