Dr J. ‘Paul’ Rand, MBA, CPC
Dr J. Paul Rand is committed to advancing outcome-based solutions through strategic consulting, applied research & learning, and executive consulting. His work is balanced by his purpose to inspire others to live, leave, and lead dynamic lives. Open to faculty, policy-research, or consulting contracts while he furthers his career as an author/speaker. Rand is considering Executive level roles in higher-education, government, non-profit, and corporate small businesses.

Educational & Professional: Rand graduated with honours from Seattle Pacific University (SPU ’03) with a major in political science, multiple minors, and an emphasis in theological studies. Drawing from his minor in leadership (a Princeton pilot program conferred by SPU, 2003), he continually seeks to cross-align the programs and services he provides as an educational consultant to building dynamic leaders.

Rand completed his MBA at Capella University (’06) graduating Magna cum lade. During this time he directed the privatization of the “Center for Professional Development” (an SPU college) into an applied educational consulting and research firm: Seattle Research Partners, Inc. (SRP). In this role, he was afforded the opportunity to work with the applied innovator of PEAK performance model. This model was used in three of the Good to Great organizations independently validated by Harvard author Jim Collins (2005). As a partner of SRP, Inc., he has been recognized as a leading scholar in professional development and applied learning. This for-profit organization designs, delivers, and researches corporate learning programs; conducts organizational (psychological) development; manages applied-learning non-profits; and provides research and educational consulting to corporate and educational institutions.

Rand completed the comprehensive examination for his PhD in 2011 with his dissertation being published in 2014. His intense personal interest in experiential learning, educational development, and well-being has influenced his role as an applied-scholar. Riding4right, one of his veteran-outreach non-profits, was the inspiration for a scene in American Sniper (Eastwood, 2014). Consequently, he was featured by CBS for his work with recreational psychology and veteran PTSD solutions. Recently, he has been commissioned by retired US Army Colonel Russ Gold, Gen. T. Schneider, and Dr. “Danger”/Bob Arnot (UN Humanitarian and MSNBC/CNN war correspondent) to write a book on Veteran-Success: Suicide, Homeless, and Addiction Solutions. His work with veterans was endorsed by the director of the Traumatic Brain Injury Medical Center: Ft. Knox, Ky.

Dr J. Paul Rand, MBA, CPC focused his doctoral research in a manner to design, test, and develop a methodology of qualitative research. His work has guided the Department of Labor guidelines for the accessibility, application, relevance, and establishment of applied learning and research accreditation. He created a model that serves as the methodological accreditation -a testing and measurement process- for applied learning certifications now accredited by the Strategic Learning Alliance (SLA) and guided the evolution of the SHRM Certification methods for certified HR professionals in 2015. He launched AASCB accredited professional/graduate certificates by designing, building, and researching Veteran (VA accredited) and Boeing sponsored professional needs. Furthermore, his work has contributed to multiple undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in cooperation with WA State; Seattle Pacific University; Boise State professional development centre; Society of Human Resource Management College Coordinators (a consortium of 200 regional colleges); Strategic Learning Alliance coach association (7000 certified with over 4000 members total), and the Ontario College of Organizational Training & Development.

Recognition: Nominated as a Puget Sound “40 under 40” (2017), his career development system© (CDS) has been endorsed an endorsed model by 1200 local HR professionals in companies such as Boeing, the City of Seattle, King County, Starbucks, Amazon; over 7000 certified coaches; and is being redeveloped by the infamous Lindsay Moustain, formerly the most visible Amazon employee and recent founder of Talent Paradigm. He’s awarded for: being a top 1% recruiter for Society of Human Resource Management certifications (ten years consecutively); awards by USIEC for education and research; as international Coach of the Year (2016) by the SLA, and more.

Community Outreach: His Community-Think-Tank is advocating for responsible development to restore a 19th-century orchard as a therapeutic park. As a licensed school psychologist in several states, he is also completing licensure as a recreational-therapist to advance his passion for inspiring others to live a dynamic life. He is lobbying multiple states toward leadership-based community learning systems to combat drugs, homelessness, and crime using clinical health coaching. He operates several cottages and land-use actions based on his Rowan Berry orchards including farm to table initiatives with jam, tea, wine and spirits. Recent features: Pending summer documentary following an interview with TV-Washington; print media
and social outreach: http://www.heraldnet.com/news/clean-and-sober-biker-group-branches-into-recovery-coaching/ He served as the youngest elected official in Washington State history (Mukilteo City Council, 2001-05).

You can hear his interview with Forbes Books here.