PhD; M.Sc (Econ); LLB (Hons); BA (Hons); Dip. Education.

Certificate (Legislative Drafting); Certified Professional Coach (CPC); Teachers’ Certificate.

Dr Marlyn Morris is a  trained and qualified Development Policy and Planning Specialist, Community Engagement Specialist, Legislative Reviewer and Drafter and an Educator. She has over twenty years expertise working with various Governments in her fields of technical expertise and mainly in public policy development and analysis; advising governments and strengthening public sector institutions throughout the Caribbean and Guyana, South America. She is the Founder and Strategic Program Manager of Ontario College for Development Training (OCDT).

She has performed vital roles in the following organizations: Vice President and Program Manager of Centre of Excellence & Business Incubator in Black Business And Professional Association (BBPA). She is also Co-Founder and Program Director of Inspiring Life Solutions and the Founding Partner and Program Director in the Canadian Research Centre for Humanities and Science, now known as the Ontario College of Research and Development.